It was the time of October, and I was sitting on a corner seat of a press box in a stadium in Shizuoka. A lot of people were sitting like me, and it was like thousands of people over there just waiting for a band to perform. People in their suits and formals were looking at their smartphone and waiting for someone to perform on the stage. For me, it was a nice journey by a bullet train to reach Shizuoka, a peaceful coastal area in the south of Tokyo. It took around one and half hours to reach there.

Several people were shouting with the band person’s names like “Nocchi!”, “A~chan!” “Kashiyuka!” etc. It was my first time at a concert like this. I didn’t know that time that I was going to attend one of the biggest and most famous band concerts here.

Suddenly, the whole stadium went dark, and the laser lights started shooting in all over the stadium like neon shooting stars that we see in the sky. The LED Screen which was placed on the other side of the stadium started, and we could clearly see the performers of that night A~chan, 29, Nocchi, 30, and Kashiyuka, 30 on the stage. They performed in their best music album perfume for 2 hours, and One thing clicked to my mind that it’s really a future of POP.

The history behind the Band

Perfume is a band of future pop but doesn’t get confused by the band name and their album name. This is just a coincidence that their latest album name is also “Perfume”. Back in 2002, AyakaNishiwaki (An ~chan), Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka) along with also Ayano Omoto (Nocchi) made their introduction as Perfume having a cutesy, polka-driven independent individual called”OmajinaiPerori” (“Good Luck Charm”). This year that the band that made while attending a gifted academy at Hiroshima at the early 2000s proceeded to Tokyo where they met with Yasutaka Nakata, the successful Japanese music manufacturer known for his job at renowned Japanese digital group Capsule.

They kept on struggling by 2008, and with all that struggle they came with a more sophisticated dance style. With Yasutaka they came up with a new style of music and a new choreography which has now become their signature style and they are known by this style only. The same year they came up with a brand new album “Polyrhythm”. This music album became so famous that it was used as a theme song for a Japanese leading broadcasting company, NHK. This made these amazing girls top on the future of J pop music industry.

From the last 10 years, Perfume has become the most famous and renowned band. With the use of high technology effects and visual effects they have gained something that none of the band from Japan got till date. They are known all over the world. In Japan, you can see large painting of them made on walls of buildings. Their music can also be observed coming out from most of the departmental stores and apartments. They have seriously become the new starts of this generation. What makes them different they keep on experimenting with their groups and keep changing people on their group and with every album of their group they come up with new music and some new faces.

Wrapping it up

The group is just like the perfume as its name signifies. They have the same chemistry as we see in a perfume. They are like the three notes of a perfume.Nocchi, Kashiyuka and A~chan is like the top note of the perfume, and also their behind-the-scenes personnel and management is like the base notes. The middle note/ heart note has the work of combining both the notes and Mr. Nakata does the same job by combining new generation tech beats.…

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