The Successful Scent of Silver Mountain Water

People have been using perfumes from the early time. If you look at the history of the Roman empire, you would come to know that men and women have been using perfumes to attract the opposite sex from hundreds of years. The perfume has always been used as the best seductive tool for attraction. Either it a man or a woman, perfume has become an integral part of a lifestyle, fashion and luxury.

creed perfume

In ancient times, it was only limited to Kings, Queens, and higher authorities. But now it is being used by every one of us for almost each and every occasion or let’s say daily to smell good all day long.

History of Silver Mountain Water scent

It has been listed as one of the world’s most expensive perfumes. The cologne comes from the house of a creed which has a long history of over 250 years. The House has been creating tempting perfumes for men and women for years. Earlier, they only used to produce their scents for Royal families but later on, they started selling it to rich and famous people too.

The colognes from creed were not available in the market till 1970. But in 1970, they made it public in the market. But still, it is so costly that it can only be purchased by rich people. Today, you can find a lot of lifestyle products in the market like body wash, scented soaps, and candles in the market by the silver mountain. But still, They’re best-selling best cologne for men and the most popular among them in celebrities are the silver mountain water.

Launch and Made

Silver mountain water was launched in 1995 and it is said that this cologne for men was created by the owner, silver creed himself. It is a rumor or truth, nobody knows but Silver mountain water is Oliver’s favorite and always been a symbol of wealth in men. Yes, it is true that Silver Mountain water is generally liked by men and even women buy it for their husbands or boyfriends. Some of them have even said that it is the world’s most beautiful cologne designed for men with such a sweet smell.

Truth of Silver Mountain water

If you like this cologne and want to purchase it then let me make it clear that it has not been designed for everyone and you cannot find it in any store. There are only three stores in the world till now where you can get it. The first one is in New York, the second is in Paris and the third and the last one is in Dubai. This can be only purchased by those men who are successful and has a habit of getting those stuff which is best in their quality. But since most of the men who become successful come in the age group of the thirties, therefore you can say that it is a symbol of wealth.

Creed’s Silver Mountain Water is one of the finest perfumes ever made by the house itself and so it has gained such massive popularity during these years since 1995 release. It is a glory for the company also that in spite of being so old this is still considered as the best cologne for men.

Talking of other reasons for its popularity. The aromas that the cologne has consisted of many natural ingredients. The top note contains Bergamot along with mandarin. This gives cologne a sweet as well as a spicy smell. The middle note contains the notes of green tea whereas the last note is also known as the base note contains Galbanum, musk, sandalwood, and petitgrain. These all are the aromas that are liked by men.

Many of the women have said that they have fallen in love with a man just by its fragrance. They always wanted to be near to the man with this aroma and it was also told that the fragrance has the capacity to seduce any girl.

Classification of Silver Mountain Water

Though all the colognes from Creed’s have their own classification. But, the company says that the perfume is marine which makes people feel fresh and green. However, others have woody or softly oriental as the base notes. According to the website of creed, Silver mountain Water has similar aromas as that of their two products Original Vetiver, and Royal Water.

It is always said that the quality colognes can last for more than one day with just one spray. So does is the case with Silver Mountain Water, one spray can make you smell good throughout the day and night. It all in the quality that even having just three stores worldwide, it is one of the most successful scents manufactures in the world. The one of their scent smell and the quality has made them be at the top always.…

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Perfume Is the Global Future of J-Pop

It was the time of October, and I was sitting on a corner seat of a press box in a stadium in Shizuoka. A lot of people were sitting like me, and it was like thousands of people over there just waiting for a band to perform. People in their suits and formals were looking at their smartphone and waiting for someone to perform on the stage. For me, it was a nice journey by a bullet train to reach Shizuoka, a peaceful coastal area in the south of Tokyo. It took around one and half hours to reach there.

Several people were shouting with the band person’s names like “Nocchi!”, “A~chan!” “Kashiyuka!” etc. It was my first time at a concert like this. I didn’t know that time that I was going to attend one of the biggest and most famous band concerts here.

Suddenly, the whole stadium went dark, and the laser lights started shooting in all over the stadium like neon shooting stars that we see in the sky. The LED Screen which was placed on the other side of the stadium started, and we could clearly see the performers of that night A~chan, 29, Nocchi, 30, and Kashiyuka, 30 on the stage. They performed in their best music album perfume for 2 hours, and One thing clicked to my mind that it’s really a future of POP.

The history behind the Band

Perfume is a band of future pop but doesn’t get confused by the band name and their album name. This is just a coincidence that their latest album name is also “Perfume”. Back in 2002, AyakaNishiwaki (An ~chan), Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka) along with also Ayano Omoto (Nocchi) made their introduction as Perfume having a cutesy, polka-driven independent individual called”OmajinaiPerori” (“Good Luck Charm”). This year that the band that made while attending a gifted academy at Hiroshima at the early 2000s proceeded to Tokyo where they met with Yasutaka Nakata, the successful Japanese music manufacturer known for his job at renowned Japanese digital group Capsule.

They kept on struggling by 2008, and with all that struggle they came with a more sophisticated dance style. With Yasutaka they came up with a new style of music and a new choreography which has now become their signature style and they are known by this style only. The same year they came up with a brand new album “Polyrhythm”. This music album became so famous that it was used as a theme song for a Japanese leading broadcasting company, NHK. This made these amazing girls top on the future of J pop music industry.

From the last 10 years, Perfume has become the most famous and renowned band. With the use of high technology effects and visual effects they have gained something that none of the band from Japan got till date. They are known all over the world. In Japan, you can see large painting of them made on walls of buildings. Their music can also be observed coming out from most of the departmental stores and apartments. They have seriously become the new starts of this generation. What makes them different they keep on experimenting with their groups and keep changing people on their group and with every album of their group they come up with new music and some new faces.

Wrapping it up

The group is just like the perfume as its name signifies. They have the same chemistry as we see in a perfume. They are like the three notes of a perfume.Nocchi, Kashiyuka and A~chan is like the top note of the perfume, and also their behind-the-scenes personnel and management is like the base notes. The middle note/ heart note has the work of combining both the notes and Mr. Nakata does the same job by combining new generation tech beats.…

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This “Visual Perfume” Infuses Body Art with Fine Fragrance

This “Visual Perfume” Infuses Body Art with Fine Fragrance

The use of perfume is not only common nowadays but also it has become a signature style for us. Most of the people use a selected brand and note of perfume to show their style signature and can be recognized with their body perfume only. But today we would not be talking about the ingredients or the notes or the accords of a perfume.

Today, we are here to talk about a new revolutionary trends for a body perfume started by the new beauty brand theAmkiri. This revolutionary perfume idea uses a body art to make perfume remain long lasting for up to 12 hours. On the other hand, you get a nice body art which looks like a tattoo and makes you express yourself.
Words from Founder and CEU-ShovalShavit Shapiro

The founder of this new beauty brand is ShovalShavit Shapiro. She says that if perfume is our signature style then why can’t it be seen. She thought a lot about this one and then come to a solution of combining. She grew in Tel Aviv where her parents owned a cosmetics company. Therefore, perfumes have always been a part of her life.

She had an interest in designing therefore, she went to Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv. Later she went Berlin to study visual communications at the Universität der Künste. She worked for an Israeli company, which was inti designing, for more than 2 years and this was the time period when she got a revolutionary idea of painting on perfume.

On International fragrance Day, Shapiro got Amkiri patented and launched its first perfume having tones of spearmint with spicy ginger and juniper berry. The musk and cedar wood is the base tones of this perfume.She further said that she wanted to bring the most desirable fragrances that would be liked by everyone. She even worked with InternationalFlavors& Fragrances Inc to check on her perfumes creation and cleanliness.

How Amikiri first body art perfume looks?

This Body art perfume comes in two different share i.e, charcoal and ivory. It is hypo allergic in nature and is waterproof too. They are easy to remove after application but lasts up to 12 hours if you do not remove it yourself. You get two different wands in this perfume one is a little wider brush which comes with stencil and other the one is fined tip brush which can be used for application with precision. While you can use the stencil given by the company,

you can also do a DIY and apply as you want to apply. It’s possible to use a temporary ink of your own or leave a unique olfactory designs. Both of these depends on your need, what you generally prefer to use?
According to Shapiro, “showing your body as a unique piece of art is always have been the best way to describe and express individuality. She wants that everyone should express their multi-sensory self-expression to everyone.…

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The perfume that promises to make you thin

All of us know that perfume enhances the attitude of a person. You might have gone through many Ads and commercials of various products that helps you lose weight and let you get back in shape. But you would be surprised to hear that a perfume named “Velds’ Prends-Moi” that gives a guarantee to make you thin.

It contains some of the famous and popular notes like bergamot, mandarin, lilac and ylang ylang. These combination of notes makes an accord which has a side effect. It makes you lose your appetite resulting in weigh lose. According to the creator of Prends Moi, which means take me in French can “slim you”. So, now you can become slim and fit without any physical work and the best thing is that you would not even know it.

The scientists at the Centre of Biological Research and Cutaneous Experimentation also researched and were there for the trials of it, said yes that it would help you lose weight. Seriously, what an invention with such an amazing effect in just a perfume. It sounds surprising but it’s the truth and even said by scientists now.

How does this works?

The researchers say that it works on the principle and on the use of aromatherapeutics and ‘neurocosmetic’. The Prends Moi just contains the basic scents which contains chemicals which makes us feel good and helps in release of endorphins. The endorphins are the hormones which gets released in our body when we feel emotionally happy. Pick out the naturally-derived Betaphroline of the scent a compound that fosters the creation of B-endorphins as soon as it will come in touch keratinocytes over your skin’s outer coating area.

The fragrance of the Prends Moi uses the neurotransmitters to send the message to the brain. The brains receive the message and thereby helps in releasing the stress and makes you feel happy all day long till you get the fragrance of the scent. You also start feeling like your tummy do not need food further and this helps you to eat a little food which results in weight loss. This process was explained by ex-model Joyce Musy, who is also the creator of the perfume.

What we found out in the study?

The study was done on the women between the age range of 18-75. They were observed for 28 days. In these 28 days they all applied Prends Moi. After 28 days, 75 per cent of the women said that they got reduction on their habit of taking snacks. From these 75 percent, 70 per cent of women said that the smell of Prends Moi changed their behaviour of having food. Suppose you used to have meals four times a day but after applying this scent they started having food 2-3 times a day only. This was that they wanted but they never used to feel hungry.
Therefore, you get a good body order and weight reduction in just 15 Euros for 100ml of perfume. Don’t you think it’s a great deal for you?

Wrapping it up

Before launching this perfume in the market they gave it first to their staffs who were just wanted to try it. They all are just pleased with the results they got. Some of them who put on the weight in winter, reduced a lot of weight and they were happy that they did it just with a change of perfume.
So, if you ask the shop owners of Prends Moi, they will certainly tell you that they are happy that they tried a new theory and it worked for all. On the other hand, this perfume has a long waiting period and more than 6000 persons are still on wait to get their first bottle delivered to them.…

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