Edie Campbell – The queen of patches on denim

Edie Campbell

Ok, it’s Friday and you probably don’t have any plans. This means it is  exactly the right time to customize some denim you haven’t been wearing since Britney and Justin denim date. Never heard of Itchy Scratchy Patchy? Edie Campbell new project? Yes, Edie the super model (and well, if Edie doesn’t ring any bell, I am done writing. Bye).

First of all you must get some patches. What? You don’t think they are cool enough? Where have you been hiding girl? Patches are cool!

If you heard of Edie and her awesome patches, grab your sewing kit (or some glue if you are not Martha Stewart) and immediately start customizing!

You might not go out tonight but next week you will be the coolest chick in town!

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Sofia Fanego – Harle
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Denim Jacket

First of all you need anything denim hence we suggest this Asos Denim Ripped Jacket.

Girls patch

The Three Graces Patch. My Favorite Itchy Scratchy Patchy patch!

Stripper patch

Jacq The Stripper Patch Party. Because strippers are cool and you probably never know when they are off duty.

Skeleton patch

Seems like you can’t miss Robin Eisenberg Skeleton Jeans Patch

Skatanist Patch

Skatanist I Hope Your Day Is As Nice As My Butt. Are you looking for a strong statament? Seems like this is the patch for you!

Sewing kit

But most of all you’ll need a sewing kit.


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