Kritsten Stewart – Shaved Head Bleached Blonde

Shaved Head Bleach blonde

Attention please! 

Kristen Stewart just shaved her head and dyed her hair blonde.

Now stop whatever you were doing. We need to find a reason why she did that. Did she have a mental break down à la Britney? Is she a junkie? Did she ask her mother’s permission? Did she do that because she is “so gay, dude!”, to quote her own words?

Actually… How can I put this down? We don’t care. Do you know why?

This is not your business and she looks absolutely stunning.

It’ been quite a while since the long chocolate brown hairdo of Bella Swan in Twilight. But I guess Kirsten pulled an amazing trick to make us forget that she was dating sparkling vampires back in 2005.

Be ready for a invasion of Kristenbots rocking the same hair do. she is Karl Lagerfeld’s muse after all.

Take that haters.

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